Hasselt Favorites

Hello Everyone!! I constantly get the question where I find my unique items of clothing and what my favorite places in Hasselt are. So I decided that it’s time to share my favorite stores and hotspots on my blog. Today I want to share with you one of my favorite stores when I’m looking for … More Hasselt Favorites

Snuggle Sunday

Hello everyone!! Hope you are having an amazing Sunday. Today I got inspired to show you my favorite way to spend a Sunday. On Sundays I try to have as much me time as possible. I love to read so Sunday is that perfect day of the week to sit back and enjoy your favorite … More Snuggle Sunday

Autumn Funfair

Hello Everyone!! Little life update, as always school is keeping me pretty busy. But hey, you wont hear me complain because I like to be busy and I’m looking forward to my internship next semester so that makes everything good🙂. Today I wanted to share my favorite winter coat combination. I love winter coats and … More Autumn Funfair

Fashionique popup

Hello Everyone!! In Belgium everything is small and even for Belgian measurements the city that I live close by is really small. So I don’t have to tell you how exciting it is when a new shop opens in my little city. It gets even more exciting when those newbies are right on my street🙂 … More Fashionique popup

DIY tote

Hello Everyone!! A few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon I was scrolling through AliExpress , because I was looking for some plain tote bags. The thing with AliExpress is that you loose your focus really easily. They literally have everything. From tote bags I went to fabrics and then to pearls and I ended … More DIY tote

Gucci and stripes

Hello Everyone!! Today I want to show you my 3 favorite wardrobe staples and I how I love to style them. First is my leather biker jacket it’s such a versatile piece and it makes every outfit look so much better. The one I am wearing is from Jean Paul Gaultier and it gets prettier … More Gucci and stripes

weekendvlog + shoplog

Hello everyone!! I’m currently enjoying every last bit of summer. I had some nice things planned this weekend so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take my camera along. This time I vlogged in English because some people requested it, I’m still trying out what works best. I really hope you like this little … More weekendvlog + shoplog