shoe crazy

I have always been that person that buys things that I don’t really went shopping for. This summer I wanted to buy some pretty pastel trousers and shirts, but instead I couldn’t keep myself from buying shoes. So now I have quiet enough shoes but no clothing to wear them with (just kidding πŸ™‚ ). I guess I’m not the only person that never finds what he is looking for while shopping, let me know your shopping ‘problems’ haha.

The first pair (here) are just some cute sandals that I can wear with all my summer dresses, who doesn’t love a little sparkle on their feet. Second pair are some fuchsia pumps, they are so comfortable. Noë is a Belgian brand made in Italy, they have these kind of pumps in almost every colour under the sun. The third pair are some classic loafers in my favorite shoe colour of the moment, salmon pink metallic. The last pair was a gift from my mother, I already own two pairs of ‘real’ doc martens in black and purple. She definitely thought I needed some flower ones haha, she bought them in a little shop in Ibiza.

Enjoy your Monday

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