colourful make up

It’s time to say goodbye to summer, it was nice to have you here but all good things come to an end.
Switching seasons also means that we have to change our wardrobe and make up. So today I will be showing you my ‘saying goodbye to summer’ make up products.
All summer long I have used sun protector on my face therefor it is a bit more oily than usual and I think I found a perfect BB cream for my current skin condition, the Body Shop tea tree BB cream. The first time that I used it I applied it with my fingers but that wasn’t a success, now I use a flat brush and it looks really nice and it gives your face a nice mat finish.

To give my face more definition I currently started using the Kiko golden game sculpting Bronzer, because saying goodbye to summer also means saying goodbye to extreme golden cheeks. I really like this pallet,       especially the bronzer because you can build up the colour really easily. The highlighter has a nice tone but     I prefer smaller glitter, that’s just my opinion.
For lips I’m still going to use the summer trend orange lips and I’m going to vary it with a nice nude lip. I’ll show you my two favorite lip combinations.
First: Yves Rocher cherry oil lipstick in colour tangerine and Dior Addict gloss in colour fancy purple
second: Kiko Unlimited stylo in colour natural beige and Kiko instant volume lipgloss in colour 09

Last but not least our eyes, because we already have a bright orange lip I wanted to keep the eyes simple. The Sephora shade I use in the inner corner of my eyes to make them look brighter and I also use that colour as a highlighter on the brow bone. I can stop with that but sometimes I just want a little extra and then I use an extra colour like this Kiko shade. Final touch up of our eyebrows and we are ready to go.

Lots of love
Have a nice evening

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