fairy dust

I can’t describe how much I like to dress up, so every time I get a party invitation with a dress code I’m over the moon. Especially  when the hosts created an original dress code like the party I went to yesterday. We all had to come like famous movie characters. 
My two sisters and I went looking for famous trios. 
We got a bit inspired by the movie Maleficent and that is why we went as the three fairies of sleeping beauty. But we opted for the Maleficent version.
When we finally agreed, I started looking for big ballet skirts online, I ordered long simple ones in the three colours so that we could DIY them. 
I’m curious what you guys think of our attempt.

It was really nice to see how many people really tried their best for their costumes. I hope that  will get my hands on the pictures of the evening.

Random fun fact: everybody kept asking me how I glued the flowers on my face and hair and I actually just used some eyelash glue and they stayed in place perfectly.

Love Imke

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