Eyebrow story

A month ago my mom and I decided to have a little pamper day at a local beautician. And in the room where we had our massage was a paper with all the November deals and discounts. One of these discounts was on permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is something that I have been thinking about for a while but I never had the courage to make an appointment. Everybody loves a good deal so I finally decided to make the appointment for my eyebrows, off course I asked to see some before and after pictures, just to make shore.
The day of my appointment everybody kept asking me if I was nervous because it is still a tattoo they put on your face. But I was actually really calm even though I’m usually really stressed out for new things like that. I think that I could stay really calm because I did a lot of research in advance. I watched probably way to many YouTube videos about permanent makeup, the videos that I found the most helpful were the videos by Beautygloss, she is a Dutch beauty YouTuber/blogger.

The treatment:
As prepared as I am, I took a picture with me with the eyebrow shape that I was going for. The beautician told me that I picked a perfect shape for my face, so she started to draw the shape on my face. Because I didn’t really liked the very notable eyebrows I went for the hairstroke technique. Eventhough my forehead was numb I still felt the needle quite hard. I think if I didn’t knew what she was doing on my face I would have thought she was drawing a Christmas tree on my face, The shape the needle made felt really strange.

It has been a week now and the colour has really lightened, a little bit to light if you ask me but we will wait for what they will look like after my second appointment.

Some Misunderstanding:
  • Permanent makeup isn’t permanent you have to get a touch up every 2 to 3 years.
  • It actually looks really natural
  • The beauticians can correct mistakes
I tried something new for my dutch readers, I made a little video about the process and my recent eyebrow routine. I am looking forward to hearing your comments but I’m also really nervous because I know that it isn’t perfect yet. But I have to start somewhere and I really wanted to give it a try.

Lots of love

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