Not only God has angels

Do you know the feeling of seeing something so beautiful that you get extremely inspired yourself to do something creative, well that’s the feeling I have when I watch the Victoria secret shows. Their bodies their make-up the beautiful wings the awesome performances,… 

Everything about it is just breathtaking.
This year, in my opinion, there was one performance that literally stood out from the rest and that was Hoziers performance, it was magical. 
His voice and song matched perfectly with the atmosphere that the fairy part needs.
Yesterday evening I was watching the angels make up very carefully because I wanted to recreate their flawless look. It doesn’t look like they are wearing a lot of make up, so I also wanted to keep it very natural and glowy. First thing that is very obvious about their look is the highlighter. I opted for a highlighter with a pink undertone because I also wanted to use a very light pink blush. They are beautifully bronzed but I don’t think that they contoured their faces so I didn’t do that either. For my eyes I went for a really soft golden colour and for my lips a baby pink lipstick with a shimmery gloss on top. The weather was really awful today so i didn’t get to take a decent picture so i can only show you this crappy one, but I promise you it looked much better. 
Please tell my which performance you liked best and which outfit you preferred.
Love Imke

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