Winter Favorites


I actually made a little video about my winter favorites but my camera decided in the middle of my video to focus on the Christmas ornaments behind me. So I couldn’t use that footage, so I decided to just make a written article about it.
IMG_0876I drink tea all year long, but the flavors I drink are depending on the season. At winter time I prefer a bit more spicy teas. Pickwick has a very nice range of spicy teas and I prefer the two apple ones. One is spiced up with some cinnamon and the other with vanilla. What are your current favorite tea flavors?

IMG_0879 (2)

I get really pale in the winter but I do not want to go to a solarium to get some tan because that’s really unhealthy for your skin. So how do I prevent myself from looking like a white ghost. Well I use a Yves Rocher self tanner. It is called Ensoleillant sun shine. It gives you a really subtle tanned look, and it is build able so you can choose how dark you want to be. There are some days that I really don’t like my skin and on those days I use the l’Oreal Accord Parfait or True match foundation in the colour R3 rose beige.


The berry lips are everywhere this season and I have to admit that I love them too. I know that the colour Rebel by Mac is the most popular that is why I’m showing you an other example. When you want to wear a dark lip colour it is much easier to first line your lips, you can go a bit crazy with the lining like Kylie Jenner but I am pretty happy with my own lips shape. But if you want to outdraw your lips I can give you one tip focus on the center of your lips, then it will look much more natural. I’m using the Bourjois contour edition lip pencil in the colour 09 Plum it up!, and the lipstick is also by Bourgois the line is called Rouge Edition and the colour is 36 Pourpre jazzy.


I know that it is more convenient to wear dark nail polishes in winter time but i really like the combination of a nude nail and a very dark lip. That’s why these two colours are a part of this winter favorites. The left one is a Kiko polish in the shade 372 and the right one is a polish by LCN and it is a part of the line sweet serenity. They are both pretty nude colours but the Kiko one is a bit more pink.

I am really excited to know what your current favorites are, so please leave them in the comments.

Love Imke


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