A little change is good, right?

Today I had my first exam and it went well , I guess. After my exam, that took us 3 hours, I decided to spoil myself with a little trip to Zara. Post exam shopping with your best friends is the best thing ever haha. At the minute I am spoiling myself again with some chocolate and my favorite raspberry tea. I am doing something that I have been doing a lot lately. And that is scrolling through Pinterest for hair inspiration. Last year in January I decided to chop more than 20 centimeter of my hair. Now we are a year later an my hair is pretty long again. But this time I wanna change it even more but I’m not sure what I want yet. So here is a bit of my hair inspiration, what do you guys think I should do. Highlights black or…






d3b282f7d86f7f352ebace2b9e2d9daeLove Imke


17 reacties op β€˜A little change is good, right?’

  1. ik vind de laatste ook wel heel mooi imke! ik zou u altijd dat zwarte/donkere geven maar om eens echt iets anders te doen zou ik inderdaad voor de derde of de laatste gaan!



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