enfant terrible


Tomorrow is my last exam, I can really use a little break after almost two months of studying. This week I found it extremely hard to concentrate because I am tired of sitting behind my books all day long, the only thing that I wanted to do all week long was watching the live streams of all the shows at Paris fashion week. As so many shows had live streams it was really hard to focus. I already saw some bits and bobs and I have to say that it all looks promising. I was just looking at some instagram pictures of the Victor & Rolf show and the Jean Paul Gautier one, It makes me want to see more and more!

Normally we have a little trip to Maastricht planned tomorrow, but it seems that the weather is not cooperating with us. We deserve it so much to have a little shopping spree after all these weeks of studying so please weather be nice to us.

Last but not least I want to share a special backpack with you, I’m definitely not a backpack person but there is one in particular that I really like. It is a limited edition backpack that came from the collaboration between east-pack and Jean Paul Gaultier. That’s why the title of this article is ‘enfant terrible’ because that’s is what Jean Paul Gaultier is called in the fashion industry. Here is a link to the whole collection that will be available from February. This black Leather one is my absolute favorite, what do you think of this one?1_7 2_8 3_6Love Imke


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