Winter sun

Temperatures are slowly getting better, you can feel that nature is ready for spring and so am I. Currently we are enjoying that perfect winter sun, it actually feels pretty warm  outside when there is no wind. So I said goodbye to my winter boots and extra layers of socks :).
The dress that I’m wearing in these pictures is from the Belgian brand Van Hassels and I think that the colours of this dress match this season perfectly.

Enjoy your weekend
Love Imke

IMG_1437.CR2 IMG_1443.CR2 IMG_1456.CR2 IMG_1466.CR2 IMG_1472.CR2 IMG_1502.CR2 IMG_1519.CR2 IMG_1552.CR2

dress: Van Hassels, glasses: Michael Kors, shoes: Amberone

making off
I love it how my friends are so supportive when it comes to making pictures for Colourful mornings. Here you can see what happens if you put a lot of girls with a camera in this perfect winter sun.
Thanks a lot !! xx

IMG_1385.CR2 IMG_1418.CR2 IMG_1558.CR2 IMG_1571.CR2 IMG_1576.CR2

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