Blush Academy

Hello everyone

Today I had been invited by Blushacademy to be a part of their first Styling and Beauty day. The morning was dedicated to Fashion and the afternoon to Beauty, the best of both worlds as they call it. Caroline and Palmira are experts in beauty and fashion and they taught us everthing about body figures and types, perfect colours and how we should wear them. And of course they also told us what is on trend for the next season and so on.

If you are curious what those trends are make sure to visit their website.

IMG_1704.CR2Our lovely teachers for the day, Caroline Rigo and Palmira Proietti



Because you can’t really describe your style with words the perfect way to show it is by making a mood board.


I discovered that I’m something between a winter and autumn type when it comes to colours.

IMG_1737.CR2 IMG_1712.CR2

The beautiful products that we had the opportunity to work with.



All the beautful people that I was lucky to meet


This girl made my eyebrows look gorgeous, thank you Alina xx

Thank you blush for this wonderful day!!

Love Imke

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