Baby steps

I am blogging for more then two years now and gradually I’m getting more confident about Colourfulmornings. I love taking pictures and writing articles for this blog. But back in 2012 I didn’t have the courage to tell anyone what I was doing on my little online adventure. So being invited as a blogger for a real blogger event was a milestone for me and my blog. I think that because of that invitation I got a bit more confident and I finally did what my best friends were telling me to do for a long time. So I proudly present to you my facebook page. It may sound as a really stupid thing to make this kind of buss around a facebook page. But for me it meant that I finally had to tell the world what I have been doing secretly all that time. I know that I love every minute that I spend on this blog so If there is someone that doesn’t like it, it’s fine by me. Of course I hope that everyone loves it but I will never forget that I once made this blog purely for myself so I had an opportunity to talk to someone about my greatest passion.

I am trying to make this facebook page into something more interesting then only telling you when there is a new article on my blog. This week I am sharing my favorite Paris Fashion week silhouettes and street style outfits with you.

Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion, I want to grow and you can only grow by learning from others.

Thank you very much and enjoy your weekend

Love Imke

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