Pieds de Poule

IMG_1862.CR2 I know that pastels and all blue outfits are on trend at the minute. But after I saw the Valentino show I realized how much I love monochromes. I’m not really sure what season we are in so I think this is the perfect opportunity to mix and match winter colours and bare legs.

In some of these pictures you can really tell that I coloured my hair. I have never coloured my hair lighter before but I actually love it!

Love Imke

IMG_1867.CR2  IMG_1863.CR2 (2) IMG_1865.CR2 (2)    IMG_1869.CR2 (2) IMG_1885.CR2 IMG_1894.CR2IMG_1888.CR2   IMG_1904.CR2 IMG_1914.CR2 IMG_1926.CR2 IMG_1938.CR2

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