The new La Bottega

Friday night was the ‘new’ opening of one of Hasselts’ biggest stores, La Bottega.
It once started as a shoe store and now it has grown into such a versatile concept store.
Every woman knows that feeling pretty and confident is the start of everything.
That’s why La Bottega teamed up with Palmira Proietti to give us the opportunity to book a beauty treatment.
Trained hair and make up artists will make you look even more pretty so that you can start your shopping spree feeling gorgeous.
I’m only able to tell you this because I have experienced it myself.
I have so many pictures to show you, so today I hope I can give you a little glimpse of how gorgeous the store is.
Later this week I will give you more information about the beauty and hair department and the possibility to book a personal shopper. But for now just enjoy their beautiful make over.

This is one of the Ted Baker fairies who hosted the evening, look at her shoes!IMG_1946.CR2

IMG_1954.CR2 IMG_1974.CR2

I’m so happy that Ted Baker is one of their new brands, so I immediately checked out their summer collection.

This wallet matched my dress 😉


I have to go back to take a second look at everything because it was overwhelming 🙂

IMG_2007.CR2 IMG_2009.CR2

coat Roberto Cavalli, Dress and bag Ted Baker

IMG_2132.CR2 IMG_2133.CR2

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