When shopping gets personal

Hello everyone!
In my previous article I wrote about the opening of a ‘new’ store, La Bottega.  I promised you that I would explain a bit more about their beauty corner and the possibility to book a personal shopper. La Bottega once started as a shoe store but they have grown into a luxurious and versatile concept store.


Everybody wants to feel pretty, but not everyone has the time to keep up with the latest trends. Or not everybody knows what suits their body. That’s why La Bottega now gives you the opportunity to book a personal shopper. People have to notice that you look good and not only that you are wearing pretty clothes. That’s why the personal shopper starts with a style and colour analyses. When they have figured out what your style is and which colours you should wear, the hunt for a perfect outfit can start.


Clothes only really look good when the person who wears them looks confident and happy. That is where the beauty experts come in. Because make up has the ability to change someones presence from plain to outstanding. If you are having a day were you don’t feel confident or pretty, you just have to pay a visit to the beauty corner and a little make up and hair touch up can change your whole attitude.

You can thank the Lady on the left for this wonderful idea of creating a beauty corner in a clothing store. http://www.palmiraproietti.com/

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