Hello everyone!!

Last week I went to London with my university college. The aim of the trip was to learn more about the communication of different companies. A friend of mine and I arranged a visit with Push PR. Push PR is a London based PR agency, that are specialized in luxury fashion, jewellery, beauty, lifestyle and health & fitness brands.
Before this trip I never considered working for a PR agency. But this agency had such a modern and realistic vision about what PR should be like. They changed my opinion completely. Emma, who is the founder of Push PR, told us that she started with PR because she loves to tell everyone about the things that she loves herself. I always admire people who can turn their hobbies and passion into their job. And in my opinion that is exactly what Emma did.


We took a lot of pictures, but when we were visiting them they were still under construction. So take a look at their instagram account if you want to see how beautiful their showroom is.IMG_2462.CR2 IMG_2463.CR2 IMG_2465.CR2

Even though we were their to learn more about their communication, I fell in love with a few brands that they were showing us. One of them is Cleo B. They are known for their statement shoe clips and sneaker accessories that allow you to personalise your footwear and stand out from the crowd. I am obsessed with the pom poms. They are feminine and cute and stylish at the same time!

IMG_2461.CR2 IMG_2468.CR2

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  1. It’s such an experience to go, visit and feel the atmosphere in a company, or more, no matter the industry, before going to start your career. You have the opportunity to meet new people, to get them know a bit, to feel like how it is working there. Good experience.

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  2. Hey Imke

    Sinds 2maanden leerde ik je blog kennen en wow… Super dat je dit doet! Ik vind het chic dat je blogt en daarmee doet wat je graag doet. Ik lees ook vaak fashion, beauty en lifestyle blogs en ben blij dat ik colourfulmornings nu ook volg. Blijf vooral verder doen, want je doet het super! Groetjes Yentl

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    1. Ja ik geloofde het ook echt niet in het begin dat we daar echt naar toe mochten gaan. Zo een chic PR bureau !! Oh h en veel succes als je iets echt wil dat lukt dat !


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