Here comes the sun

Hello everyone!!

The second day that we were in London was already a lot more exciting. We had two company visits and one cultural activity planned. The first company that we went to was Soho theater. I didn’t expect it to be so interesting. They talked about their communication strategies and how they used social media to attract people to visit their theater. The next company that we visited was Rich PR in Brixton. Rich PR is a very streetstyle and urban orientated PR agency. Everybody who worked there had their own amazing style. The owner, Rich, had such a specific way of thinking about PR and social media that he inspired us to think out of the box. In the evening we went to Shoreditch for a streetart tour. Because we loved that area so much we went back a few days later. So I have a full report on Shoreditch coming up for you.

Tuesday we had the nicest weather and in between company visits we enjoyed some free time in the sun on a terrace very close to our hostel.

IMG_2604.CR2 IMG_2609.CR2 IMG_2624.CR2  Street art in ShoreditchIMG_2644.CR2 IMG_2650.CR2 IMG_2652.CR2 IMG_2658.CR2 IMG_2659.CR2

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