Camden Town

Hello everyone!

There are two areas in London that I literally fell in love with. Both for very different reasons.  Camden town is one of these two. The moment you step out of the metro stations you can feel a certain atmosphere. It doesn’t feel like you are still in London. Musicians were playing on every street corner. We even saw a Japanese food seller sing from his stand. It took us some time to realize that he was singing a Rihanna song, but it was really funny. Not only the atmosphere but also the food made me fell in love with Camden town. If you are a foodie like me, who loves to explore food from all over the world, you definitely have to visit Camden town. It’s actually the combination of a lot of very nice things. You can also shop some really exclusive and autentic pieces there. I’m just going to show you some pictures so you can understand why I loved it so much.

Les trois coups

IMG_2809.CR2 IMG_2812.CR2 IMG_2813.CR2 IMG_2816.CR2 IMG_2824.CR2 IMG_2825.CR2 IMG_2826.CR2 IMG_2837.CR2 IMG_2840.CR2 IMG_2842.CR2 IMG_2844.CR2 IMG_2846.CR2 IMG_2848.CR2 IMG_2849.CR2 IMG_2853.CR2 IMG_2859.CR2 IMG_2861.CR2 IMG_2865.CR2 IMG_2868.CR2 IMG_2869.CR2 IMG_2870.CR2 IMG_2873.CR2 IMG_2876.CR2 IMG_2880.CR2 IMG_2881.CR2 IMG_2882.CR2 IMG_2883.CR2 IMG_2885.CR2 IMG_2888.CR2 IMG_2890.CR2 IMG_2891.CR2 IMG_2892.CR2  These foodstands are from the foodmarket in Camden Lock. There were so many different nationalities in one food market! I have never seen that before.IMG_2898.CR2 IMG_2900.CR2 IMG_2901.CR2 IMG_2902.CR2 IMG_2905.CR2 IMG_2907.CR2 IMG_2908.CR2You could sit under this very cute bridge and enjoy all that wonderful food.IMG_2909.CR2 IMG_2911.CR2 IMG_2916.CR2 IMG_2922.CR2 IMG_2923.CR2 IMG_2934.CR2

5 reacties op ‘Camden Town

  1. amazing photos and such a great atmosphere there, the sunshine makes it all so much better and look nicer too 🙂
    thanks for stopping by my blog dear and as I couldn’t properly respond to you in my comment section I thought I’d do it here 🙂
    I love Belgium and both cities Antwerp and Brussels are beautiful and just amazing, everyone should really see both 🙂

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