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In my previous article I talked to about my two most favorite locations in London. The first one was Camden Town. The second one is Shortidge. We discovered this very cool area because of one of the cultural activities of other students. They organized a street art tour. Shortidge is the hometown of a lot of artists. It was the perfect location for a street art tour. But it is also the perfect location for vintage shopping. You can have a very cheap vintage store next to a very exclusive designer store. But that just perfectly blends in with the atmosphere over there. Shortidge is a paradise for streetstyle photographers. I have never seen so many well dressed people in one place. I felt so inspired just looking around.

There is something that we noticed in London that we had never seen before. People were standing outside the pub with their glasses in their hands. I actually like the idea. It’s a lot more social then when everybody has their own table.

Love Imke

IMG_2968.CR2IMG_2965.CR2 IMG_2966.CR2 IMG_2984.CR2 IMG_2983.CR2IMG_2972.CR2

We visited Shortidge twice and the second time there was a very nice open air vintage market.  IMG_2948.CR2 IMG_2954.CR2 IMG_2951.CR2

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  1. Ohh, als ik deze foto’s zie heb ik echt helemaal heimwee naar Londen! Wij zijn ook bij die vintage marktjes geweest, zo leuk en inderdaad zo veel inspiratie! Love you outfit by the way!!

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