Hello everyone!! I am sorry that I haven’t been posting as frequent as I normally do. I am currently studying for my finals. Friday is already my last exam so it is almost over. I am so excited for summer!! A few weeks ago ,when I still was able to do fun stuff, I hang out with some of my best friends. One of them was wearing a really nice jumper. I told her that I thought it funny that she was wearing a jumper with Kate on because her name is Kaat. And she replied that putting ‘Kaat’ on her chest would be to obvious. Stupid me still didn’t realize that she made it herself and I asked her where she found that jumper 🙂 Now we are a few weeks later and she already has a new addition to the ‘Kate’ collection. I love to surround myself with creative people and of course we all love a good DIY. People always say that you have to invest in basics well I say that you have to be creative with basics! Customizing a plain jumper is being creative with a basic. If you can put your initials on your Louis Vuitton bag, why not put them on your sweater? You can already tell that you don’t have to convince me anymore, I am a fan! I am really happy that Kaat send me these picture so that I can share the with you! Heel fel bedankt Kaat of moet ik nu ‘Kate’ zeggen 😉 10313384_10206889801547309_7703992623999066601_n

Cayenne doing here best to model the ‘Kate’ jumper
Supermodel Cayenne strikes again!!

10455671_10206889800107273_6816600183031538460_n   11401460_10206889800307278_5295683315974466834_n Hope you like it as much as I do! Lots of Love Imke xx

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