15 June

Hello everyone!!

I am sorry that it has been a while since I posted an article on Colourfulmornings. I promise you that I will be a lot more frequent!

Monday 15th June was my 21st Birthday. Normally I always have exams on my birthday but this year I finished really early. My mom organised a surprise birthday party for me because it had been ages that I was able to celebrate my birthday on the ‘real’ day. But I am that annoying child that always ruins the surprise. A few weeks ago I told my mom that I planned a little trip to Barcelona from the 15th until the 20th of June. She made it very clear that I had to be home on the 15th of June. So I knew that something was going on. Luckily we were still able to postpone our trip with a day.

I just finished unpacking my suitcase from Barcelona and now I am editing all the pictures that we made. Of course the most important thing about the trip is that we all found a perfect apartment for next year. I literally can’t wait!! But I will explain everything about Barcelona really soon.

Here are some pictures of my birthday party. IMG_0353
IMG_3455IMG_3429 IMG_3431 IMG_3440 Β IMG_3456

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