Flower nights


Hello everyone!!

Last week I went to Barcelona. The main goal of this trip was to find an apartment for next year. Since the beginning of this school year I spend all my free time looking for accommodation. As soon as I knew that I was accepted at Abat Oliba I started contacting owners of student accommodation in Barcelona. I didn’t realize how high the demand was until a few apartments told me that all of their rooms were already booked. In the end the only agency that I had an appointment with was Inedit. They send me a few apartments that were still available and I actually liked all of them. Of course it is really nice to be able to see the room before you officially book it. That is exactly what we did. The rooms were really nice but what convinced me the most is that Inedit feels like a little family. So if I could I would already leave tomorrow.

Finding accommodation was my main goal, finding nice clothes my second and eating way to much tapas my third πŸ™‚ After visiting the apartments on the first day we paid a little visit to Zara. I just can’t visit Zara without buying something, or regretting not buying something. I bought this beautiful flower print midi skirt and in my opinion it fits perfectly in the streets of Barcelona. The top that I am wearing is from Miss Selfridges, I it bought in London a few weeks ago. The first picture is made in a very cute tapas bar in El Born.

Enjoy your day
Imke xx

IMG_0386 IMG_0397 IMG_0401 IMG_0404 IMG_0423 IMG_0464 IMG_0465

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