Change is gonna come

Hello everyone!!

I just realized that this outfit is an other mix of clothes that I bought in London and Barcelona. The top and skirt that I’m wearing are from a really cute shop called Dahlia. My sandals are by zara, I thought that I lost my zara addiction but it has returned.

I passed all of my exams so summer has officially started! Even though I already planned a lot this summer I really want to put a lot more time in Colourfulmornings. I never thought that I would enjoy blogging this much! If you would like to see some changes please let me know in the comments!

But for now enjoy your summer holiday and good luck for the people who still have exams to make!!
Talk to you soon xx

IMG_0489 IMG_0491 IMG_0493 IMG_0494

Thanks a lot to Eline for always being my personal photographer πŸ™‚ xx The bad quality isn’t her fault but me being to lazy to pack my canon 700D (oops).

Lots of Love

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