Ethnic Summer

Hello everyone!!

Here is the second outfit of my little trip to Paris. I’m not the best at checking weather forecasts before I pack. Luckily my sister did. I packed all black outfits and long sleeve dresses. But then it turned out that we were going to have a little heatwave. So instead I packed this midi ethnic skirt from Zara. Even though this is a rather casual outfit, is you ask me, I got some compliments from a woman that works at Galerie Lafayette.

I love to mix and match high street brands with a bit more high end brands. But this outfit is a High street favorite! I don’t have the figure/ body shape that allows me to wear high street clothes all the time. So it’s really nice for me to find total outfits in shops like Zara, ect. The skirt is from Zara and I actually bought it as a little outfit with the matching top. But I thought that it was to much skin to walk around Paris. So instead I wore it with this little t-shirt cropped top from H&M. I will be wearing this skirt with the matching top when I’m in Barcelona.

Hope you’ll have a nice day!
Love Imke xxIMG_3861 IMG_3862 IMG_3863 IMG_3868 IMG_3877 IMG_3888IMG_3887IMG_3913

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