New Beginning

Hello everyone!!

This is the first article on!! I’m so excited that I finally have my own site. I have been thinking about it so long and I finally made the step. I wanted to celebrate this new beginning with some random facts about me.


  • My full name is Imke Willan R Eerdekens
  • I have two sisters Ines and Iris (yes, I get called the wrong name a lot!)
  • I’m currently studying communication management
  • Next year I will be living in Barcelona
  • I don’t drink alcohol (never)
  • I’m a real chatterbox and a sweettooth
  • I’m as equal a cat person as a dog person
  • I have a little dog Rocky and two cats Pebbles and Jules
  • I’m dyslectic, so excuse my spelling mistakes (But I do try not to make them!)

Here are some random pictures that give you and idea of what you just read πŸ™‚



IMG_0970 (2)

27f26-juli2013027 a9097-pizap-com13694337005391 8f9f1-2014-05-2322-14-15

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