All time favorites

Hello everyone!! I’m still so excited that I have my own website now!!! It makes me really happy to be able to just type 🙂 I’m constantly scrolling through the site with happiness. I’m planning on making a lay-out myself, but I don’t want to rush it. Because I have been looking at my blog so much the last couple of days I realized that there are 3 outfits that I already published on my blog that I still extremely like! So I thought that it would be fun to do a little recap of those.

  1. I will never forget how my friends helped me to make these pictures! They were so sweet and funny at the same time. One friend was helping me with the poses while the other one was picking the perfect bag for the shot ect. I just loved it!!

IMG_1120 IMG_1069 IMG_1091

2. I think that this is the first proper outfit post that I ever did. Me and my friend Dorien went to Antwerp and decided to have a little photoshoot in a little street with a lot of graffiti. Still love these pictures so much because I remember how nervous I was when somebody passed 🙂 07077-dsc_0323 228c6-dsc_0295 5b515-dsc_0281 bb8a7-dsc_0286

3. These pictures are made recently. I just love that skirt till dead! Favorite skirt and Parisian streets, does it get any better?

IMG_3748 IMG_3718 IMG_3821 IMG_3777

Hope you liked it!
Lots of love Imke xx

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