BCN Diary

Hello everyone!!

My school started on Monday. So I can say that my Erasmus also officially started. First day of school we had a info session with all the Erasmus people. It’s incredible how fast we bonded. We are like a big group of friends that already know each other for years. We are all so different, different cultures, different ages,… But we all want the same! To have the time of our live and enjoy every minute in Barcelona.

I’m trying to make this BCN diary into a weekly thing. To give you guys a little update on what I’m up to in this beautiful city. And of course if you are planning a little city trip to Barcelona you can find the addresses I like to visit in these articles. This weeks diary is a mix and match from more then a week but from next week on it will be more structured.

So the first pictures are still from the first week that I was here. I still wanted to share those because I love a good group picture! Thanks to Eline for giving me these pictures.

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You can’t visit a city without exploring the food. Last week we still considered our self as tourists so we were aloud to eat in the most touristic places in town. The best example is Maka Maka. We are all big fans of this burger place. It’s near the beach in Barceloneta. And they have the best burgers! But also as a Belgian I can say that the french fries are really good! They also have a really nice houmous snack and the quinoa salad is delicious too. Well you can already tell that I went there more then once 🙂Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

In Begium I work in a goatmilk icecreamshop. I’m used to their high quality so I rarely eat ice cream anywhere else. But here in Barcelona you have a lot of fruit juice ice pops and I love those. Perfect refreshment without feeling to guilty. I forgot the name of this place but you find them everywhere near the Rambla. Can you find the sneaky Spongebob hidden in this picture?Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Last but not least I went to Cups&Cakes yesterday. I have to admit that I have never been the biggest fan of cupcakes. I do like cake a lot but not the toppings. These once where amazing though. Of course I didn’t have all three of them 🙂 A friend of us stayed here last year and she recommend us to go there, so thanks a lot Charlotte!Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Lots of Love
Imke xx

Hasta Luego

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