BCN Diary 2

Hello everyone!!

An other week has passed. And I have the feeling that my life gets better everyday.

Even though my classes started on Monday I didn’t attend to many classes yet because we had some difficulties with our timetable. Everything is sorted now and from tomorrow on we will be example students again 😉

Being a Erasmus student you have the best of both worlds. You can be a shameless tourist and you can enjoy the student life to the fullest! That’s the perfect way to describe my week.

I haven’t visited many touristic things yet because I wanted to wait until the touristic season is over. I’m here until June so I have plenty of time to do so. But I did visit one of Gaudi’s houses this week. One of my best friends was visiting Barcelona and that’s why I decided to join them.
Words can’t describe how beautiful Casa Batllo is. You just have to visit it to understand. I made some pictures myself but they don’t do it justice.

Friday was the 11th of September. That’s Independence day in Catalunya. I don’t have an opinion about that matter because I don’t know enough about it. But I really wanted to see the manifestation. So many people came to Barcelona and they were all wearing a white shirt and the independence flag on their back. The atmosphere was amazing! IMG_0097 IMG_0106IMG_0114

Yesterday we had a Inedit bbq, it’s the company that we rent our apartments from. It was so nice. The weather was wonderful and we were all sitting next to the pool. Food friends and good weather what do you need more? We all miss our doggies so Nala had the time of her life yesterday! Everyone was giving her so much attention 🙂IMG_4262 IMG_4335IMG_4361

See you next Sunday with a new BCN diary!

Enjoy your Sunday
Lots of Love
Imke xx

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