BCN Diary 3

Hello everyone!!

Another week has passed. I loved every minute of it!

I have never been the person that loves going out that much. But I told myself to give it another try here in Barcelona. I have to admit that I actually really like it. In Spain everything is later, that’s the same for going out. The first time I went out here I went to sleep at 8 o clock in the morning. Wednesday we had a Erasmus party at Shôko. Shôko is a club on the beach. So taking a little breath out of the club here means walking on the beach at night. It’s kind of magical.11987205_10154136803046490_5421725189091430661_n 12003028_10154136802901490_7621583767673986412_n

I have a lot of gap hours in my timetable and I originally hated the idea. But we manage to fill these hours with so many fun things. On thuesday we went to a very famous and local Cava bar. We had a lovely bocadillo.  I recomend everyone to go to that place. It’s really small but so nice! You actually have two. One is in Barceloneta and the other one is in el Born.

IMG_4630 IMG_4633 IMG_4634 IMG_4635 IMG_4636 IMG_4637IMG_4643

We also visited a very cute little candy shop, Papabubble. You see them actually making the candy. If you are interested in visiting, it is at Carrer Ample 28. Most important the candy is delicious.

IMG_4423 IMG_4424 IMG_4425 IMG_4426 IMG_4437 IMG_4439

Yesterday I had a cultural walk organized by my university. I love how the Erasmus group turned into such a tight group of friends. IMG_4673 IMG_4681

Today I’m going to a vintage market. You will read all about in next week diary. There are festivities going on in Barcelona but I will also explain you everything in next weeks article.

Talk to you soon!!
Love Imke xx

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