BCN Diary 4

Hello everyone!!

How are you guys?
This week I had a very busy week. We celebrated one of Barcelona’s biggest festivities, La Mercè.
But first things first. I visited that vintage market on Sunday! It was really nice, amazing atmosphere and so many beautiful pieces. I only bought two pairs of earrings, but it was vintage heaven. Local street musicians made the atmosphere even better.

IMG_0116IMG_0123 IMG_0128 IMG_0129 IMG_0130 IMG_0135 IMG_0138 IMG_0157

La Mercè means a lot of traditional activities. One of them is the Castellera. Every neighborhood in Barcelona has it’s own team. They try to built the highest human tower. Every neighborhood also has its own Giant. IMG_0178 IMG_0187 IMG_0193

Thursday was already the end of La Mercè. No ending without beautiful fireworks! The firework show took place at the magic fountains of Monjuïc. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I kind of regret not taking my proper camera. But I will remember the beauty anyway.

IMG_0203 IMG_0239

What is a week report without food recommendations!! This weeks favorite is Sedna. Not only the food is amazing the building too, it’s a part of Unesco. It was litteraly the best paella I ever had! If you are interested in visiting, Passeig Colon 5.IMAG0519 IMAG0521 IMG_0264

If you want to follow my Barcelona adventure in real time you can always follow me on snapchat: imke-eerd.
Wish you all a very happy Sunday!!

Lots of Love
Imke x

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