Sunday Diary 8

Hello everyone!!

I started writing this article Friday morning and back then I had no problems saying that this week was very exciting. Now two days later my mindset has totally changed. The only thing I can think of is why? I was following the Spanish French and Belgian news to try to understand what happened. Every time new news facts came out I felt more and more disgusted and sad. Nothing justifies killing innocent people!

I hope it will end soon #prayfortheworld

“The past week was very exciting!” Monday I went to Oscar and the Wolf in Razzmatazz. To be honest I wasn’t really excited before attending the concert. I like their music but I didn’t see myself enjoying a full concert of them. But I did WOW…. We managed to get in first and we where literally right in front of the stage. I have to tell you something really funny that happened. We arrived right on time but there was no one else waiting to get in. So we weren’t sure at all if we where waiting at the right place. There were a few guys coming down and one of my friends asked them if they spoke dutch and they did. So we started a little conversation and he told us that we where waiting at the right place. So we waited a little longer until the security guy told us to go in. Then the band members of Oscar and the wolf started to get on the stage. Suddenly I realized that the guy we where talking to outside was the drummer 🙂 So a little tip to avoid these funny moments, have a look at all the band members before you go to a concert.12208542_10207058627116847_3892250566161350583_n


Wednesday I had the opportunity to go the the book presentation of Peter Morren. A known sport journalist from Belgium. He wrote a book about FC Barcelona and the city Barcelona. He presented and talked about his book with so much love and passion that we had to buy it 🙂 I haven’t had the time to read it properly but the pages that I did read were really good.


Thursday one of our teachers arranged that we could go to Balthazar in the Estrella manufactury. The location was so beautiful. The atmosphere was perfect. Even though we try to integrate in Barcelona we are secretly always happy to meet Belgian people.

IMG_0372 IMG_0380

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