Barcelona Calories

Hello everyone!!

I know that my instagram and snapchat(imke-eerd) are filled with food. Barcelona is the perfect city to go out for food. You literally have everything here. From Asian to Italian to American to Vegan. so it is very tempting to go to a restaurant everyday. But I do like to cook myself too. I never had to cook for myself before I came to Barcelona. When I cook for myself I try to be a bit more healthy. Here are some examples of what I made the last few days. I’m not making real recipies because I just randomly made little dishes.


 Zucchini with mozzarella black olives and spinach and some tomato sauce in the zucchini.


Salmon spinach roles with tomatoes, avocado, mango with shrimps.


Quiche with salmon broccoli spinach and mozzarella.


Something in between quiche and pizza. It’s with pumpkin, mushrooms, bacon and feta cheese. I also made stuffed mushrooms with the same ingredients.

So I hope I made sure that living on your own as a student doesn’t mean you have to eat fast food all the time.

Writing this article made me hungry, so I’m going to enjoy my lunch. Talk to really soon.

Lot’s of Love

Imke xx

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