Changing Habits


Hello everyone!!

It’s funny how my style has changed so much since I’m in Barcelona. I went from always dressing up to casual chique. The New Years and Christmas collections have always been my favorite because off all the shimmer and sequins. But now I also dare to splurge on casual basics. I used to always get the comment that I was too dressed up or I looked to fancy for the occasion.
But since I’m here I’m a lot more casual. It’s just the vibe, the atmosphere that this city gives you. I even bought two new pairs of trousers, which is a very big deal for me if you know me.

But last weekend I was in the mood to dress up again. I did put a bit more effort in my hair and make up. I put on one of my favorite waist skirts with my most favorite shoes ever! Thanks to my lovely friend Miet i could capture this ‘dress up’ day in an outfit post.
But the funny thing is when I look at these picture I see a rather casual outfit, in my standards. That’s when I realized how much my style has changed. Because I remember that I felt really dressed up wearing that outfit last week.

I’m very curious, do you often experience big changes in your style? Can you always say the reason why you changed loving certain things?

Have a really nice weekend
Lots of Love
Imke xx



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