Shoe Crazy

Hello everyone!!

Pom Poms are hot and happening, no one can deny that. You see them in all shapes and colours. My favorite way to style them is on my shoes. Those big fluffy balls on your feet give you are really high Tinkerbell vibe, but I love it!

Half a year ago I started wearing Pom Poms as shoe accessories. In the meantime I also collected some other shoe accessories. It’s such an easy and nice way to mix up your outfit.

My Pom Poms were a little DIY project and I explained everything in an olderΒ article. I encourage you to make them too. They are so much fun and I only get positive feedback wen I wear them. A lot of high end designer also picked up this trend and they sell shoes with Pom Poms on for a few hundred euros.

Here are my current favorite ways to wear my different shoe accessories.



Just get creative with it, never forget fashion is fun! And don’t forget to share your creative interpretations with me.

Lots of Love

Imke xx


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