Vlogging my life

Hello everyone!!

You probably know that I’m living in Barcelona for a year by now. Everyone always tells me how lucky I am and that it’s a once in a life time experience. That’s exactly why I never want to forget the memories I make here. So I decided to start making vlogs. I try to always have my camera in my bag so that I can capture as many moments as possible. I already made two week vlogs by now and I never guessed that I would like it this much.

Because I’m vlogging my life I decided to do it in dutch because I want my vlogs to be as real as possible. There is a big possibility that you hear me speak English sometimes but that is because I’m surrounded by international people.

I’m still really new to the vlogging scene so feel free to give me advice! If you want to see me do something special in my vlogs tell me please 🙂

If you want to see more of my videos you can always subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Next week I will be in Madrid so I wont be posting blogpost or vlogs. But from the minute that I am back in Barcelona I start again!

Lots of love


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