July Favorites

Hello everyone!!

July isn’t over yet and I already have some favorites that I really want to share with you.
Surprise surprise… the first item are SHOES 🙂 My mom got me my first pair of Gucci loafers!!! I’m so excited I wanted these for so long and you can’t imagine how happy I am that I finally have them. This time I went for the classic black ones but I already know that I’m going to extend this little loafer collection with some more vibrant editions. I haven’t wore them yet because the sole is leather too and it’s very slippery so I have to bring them to a shoemaker to put rubber soles underneath them. So I can finally start wearing them!IMG_2893

My next favorite item is my instax mini, I’m that person that always carries a camera around but I never take the time to develop my pictures. They just rest on my harddrive until I feel the urge to have a look at them. But now I love having these little photographs laying around my desk. Conclusion: I wish I bought this camera a lot sooner!IMG_2897

When I came home from Barcelona my mom surprised me with a room makeover. She bought me a new bed and and rearranged my whole room. So since then I have been on a hunt for nice decorative pillows. In the Zara home is Barcelona you had the most pretty pillows with sequins and pearls etc. but for some reason I can’t find them in the online shop or in the stores in Belgium and the Netherlands. But I found these colourful pillows at Primark and I really like them too. But if anyone knows a good store or website with nice pillows please tell me.IMG_2906

July without sale shopping isn’t July. So my last favorite is my favorite sale item. I bought this dress when I was in Lille last week. It’s a dress from Sandro with a nice lace upper part and a simple black skirt. I picked it up because the lace has really nice details like peace signs and love written all over it. And of course you can never have enough little black dresses.IMG_2899

Hope you liked this article and talk to you soon!

Lots of Love
Imke xx

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