Autumn Funfair

Hello Everyone!!

Little life update, as always school is keeping me pretty busy. But hey, you wont hear me complain because I like to be busy and I’m looking forward to my internship next semester so that makes everything good :).

Today I wanted to share my favorite winter coat combination. I love winter coats and it’s my goal to find a special one each year. This years edition to my coat collection is this vibrant pink coat by Ted Baker. Because the colour isn’t vibrant enough I like to wear it with this vibrant blue fake fur stola 🙂 .
When i’m wearing this combination people sometimes stare at me and then I realize that not everyone understands colour, I often forget that my clothes are pretty ‘in your face’. But I like it!

Lots of Love

img_3631img_3637img_3627img_3653I just carry them around in the hope that I will see a ray of sunshine, wishful thinking 🙂


img_3655Obligatory mirror check before an outfit post.

Coat: Ted Baker
Stola: Essentiel
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Topshop


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