Snuggle Sunday

Hello everyone!!

Hope you are having an amazing Sunday. Today I got inspired to show you my favorite way to spend a Sunday. On Sundays I try to have as much me time as possible. I love to read so Sunday is that perfect day of the week to sit back and enjoy your favorite book with a nice cup of tea. I’m currently reading The life changing magic of not giving a F**k, hopefully I will start next week with that mentality.
Because winter is coming my current pamper routine changed a bit. I can get extremely pale during those grey winter months so I love to use a self tanner for my face. I love the warm colour that this L’Oreal self tanner gives me but be careful because you only need the smallest amount to get a nice result. I wish someone told me that the first time I used it 🙂 The new micellair water from Garnier is perfect when your skin needs that little extra oil. I don’t have dry skin at all so at first I thought that it could be a bit too oily for me but it sinks in your skin so nicely, it didn’t leave my with an oily skin at all.
Even though my skin never gets dry in winter my lips do. This Nuxe, rêve de miel, lipbalm is my life savior during winter. It’s my favorite lip product ever! So if you have dry lips like me you should give it a try.

Have a lovely day
Lots of Love
Imke xx


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