Café Beauté

Hello Everyone!

Here I am again with a hotspot from my little city Hasselt. This week I am taking you guys with me to the best beauty bar in town. Café Beauté is a gorgeous café and beauty salon combined. This is such a smart idea, when you walk in you already feel the relaxing atmosphere that they created. They put so much afford in their interior and it payed off, it is beautiful!


I love that you can go there just to have a coffee and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. But at the same time you could be enjoying a facial or someone else is getting that perfect brow treatment.


Yolisa and I were lucky enough to get the opportunity to try out one of their treatments. We both went for the Mesoestetic Vital-Hydra facial. You can find all the specific details about the treatments on their website. But I can tell you that it felt amazing. I literally couldn’t stop touching my face for the rest of the day. The lady that gave me my facial was so lovely. I was sad that the hour was over so that I couldn’t continue chatting with her. She gave my so many beauty tips that are perfect for my skin type etc. It was honestly the best experience I ever had at a beauty salon.
Funny fact: The beautician asked me if I had Asian roots because my skin and face structure have asian features. It’s not the first time that someone asks me if I’m Asian so I think it’s time to have a chat with my mom haha 🙂

Our little beauty adventure continued with a make up session.


So we relaxed during our facials, gossiped a bit whilst we were enjoying our cappuccinos and we ended the day with some shopping, Girls will be girls 🙂
The holidays are coming and this is such a good gift idea in my opinion. Which lady doesn’t like to be pampered.

Thank you so much Café Beauté for this amazing day.

Have an amazing weekend
Lots of Love
Imke xx

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