Happy Birthday Colourfulmornings

Hello everyone!!

Four years ago on the 23rd of December I wrote my first article on this blog. After a long period of hesitation I finally found the courage to type those first sentences on ‘blogger’. After four years I’m still very happy that I did it! I could have never imagined how much pleasure I get out of typing these little articles and editing my pictures. I love everything that ever uploaded on this blog, but today I’m going to share four very special memories with you.

So lets get started!!


Some of you may know that I lived in Barcelona last year. This picture belongs to the first outfit shoot that I did during my stay. I was lucky enough to have a friend like Eline, also known as ‘bouts’, with me to take some outfit pictures whenever I wanted. We both love taking pictures but it’s a pity that she never wanted to be my model. But we are working on that 🙂


This picture was made in Paris and it made me realize that I had to step up my Instagram game 🙂 Because it was my first ‘bloggerish’ picture on Instagram and everyone seemed to like it.IMG_1991.CR2

This blurry snap made it to the Ted Baker website. I even think it was the first time that I tagged a brand that I was wearing on my Instagram and a few second later I got a dm from the Ted Baker account if they could share this picture on their website. Of course I said yes 🙂


Last but not least this holiday picture that my friend Dorien made whilst we were on holiday together in Portugal. This memory is not about the picture but about my lovely friend who made it. She is the one that helped me from the start. I could always ask her for some picture time 🙂 Because of her Colourfulmornings had colourful pictures!

I hope to see you back for the next four years, at least 😉
Lots of Love

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