February Faves

Hello Everyone!!

This morning when I was doing my make up I realized that I have so many new product in my everyday routine. So thought it was a good moment to tell you guys about my new favorites.

Let’s start with my current skin care routine. For some unknown reason I have rather oily skin at the minute. It didn’t really bother me but I could tell that my foundation disappeared during the day. So I bought these prep-start products from Clinique. They mattify my skin and my foundation doesn’t disappear anymore. img_4346

I’m currently also trying a new foundation. I love that it makes my skin look flawless but I’m not convinced yet that it is as long lasting as I would love it to be. It’s the new beyond perfecting foundation and concealer by Clinique. It still deserves a place in my current favorites because I love the way it makes my skin look.


I also wanted to share with you my two new favorite eyeshadow palettes. The first one is by Bellapierre, it’s a pure mineral eyeshadow palette. I literally had no idea what to expect from mineral makeup. But this palette quickly turned into one of my all time favorites. These are my perfect colours and they are so long lasting and their pigmentation is a dream. I’m sorry that you can tell from the picture that I already used this palette but that proves how much I like it.


Second favorite palette is by Morphe. I bought an all mat palette because I have so many shimmery eyeshadows and I was in desperate need of some mat colours. I was really surprised about the quality because it is fairly cheap. The pigmentation is wonderful and they barely have any fall out.  I’m even wearing full mat eyeshadow looks lately that is how much I love this palette, because if you know me you know I’m all about that glitter 🙂
This palette was actually a Christmas gift from my internship at Palmira Proietti 🙂


My last favorite of this month is not beauty related. It’s a little necklace combination that I got for Christmas from my godmother. I’m constantly wearing it and that is why it deserves a place in this article.


Have a wonderful weekend

Lots of Love



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