Pale girl problems

Hii gorgeous

Today I want to share with you my fake tan tips! As a child I always had perfect brown skin from the moment I saw the sun. But then puberty kicked in and I turned into a typical pale Belgian girl.
Even though I love having a sun kissed colour I don’t like to expose my skin to the sun. I’m only 22 and I’m already terrified of wrinkles. So I had to find a solution for my pale skin.
Since a few years I’m using fake tan. The first few times I looked like an oempa loempa with stripy legs. But after a few times I finally got the hang of it.
So I’m writing this article for you so you don’t have to go through the oempa loempa phase.

But first things first put on a facemask before you start reading this article. I’m currently using these clay masks by L’Oreal. I love that I can use them daily. It has become my little night time routine.

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Let’s start! You have to prep your skin for the fake tan. So when I take a shower I give myself an exfoliation session. When I don’t have fake tan on I only use a scrub. It doesn’t matter if it’s a salt or sugar scrub, just take one you like. I always choose them by scent. I’m currently loving this rituals express your soul scrub because I’m in love with the scent. When I have to scrub my old fake tan of I also use a exfoliating glove. You find those in every drugstore, even at Primark.

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Go and give it a sniff if you like citrus scents, it’s gorgeous!

When I get out of the shower I use a rich bodylotion all over my body. Then I just let my skin dry completely.
So after a few hours it’s time to apply your fake tan.  There are two types of fake tan gradual tan or instant fake tan. So the name says it all. I always go for gradual tan, I also recommend to use gradual tan because you can  build up the colour and choose your perfect tone of golden brown.
It’s finally time for some tips and tricks!
First one: start with your legs! When you do your upper body first and you bend down for your legs you will get lines on your stomach. And nobody wants patchy skin. So when you start with your legs you don’t have to bend over anymore.
Second tip: if you can’t tone it, tan it! Give those body parts where you want extra muscles and extra layer of tan and everybody thinks you went to gym when you were actually being a couch potato.
Third tip: Put a little bit extra fake tan on the tip of your nose and you look like you just returned from a nice exotic holiday.

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This is my current favorite combination! But feel free to tell me your’s. I love to try out new products. 

If you ever run into me and you can tell that I have some fake tan fails, that’s not because these tips don’t work. It’s because I’m to lazy to follow them myself 🙂

Hope you like it!
Lots of Love

Imke xx

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