Barcelona Faves

Hello everyone!!


If you follow me on social media you have probably seen that I went to Barcelona last week. Some of you may know that I had my Erasmus there for a year, two years ago. So this little holiday felt like coming home to my favourite city, especially because I went with Eline. Not only because she is a good friend of mine but because we did our Erasmus together.

When we were walking trough the streets it felt like we never left. It was such a happy and familiar feeling. But at the same time it brought back so many memories. Those memories make you realise that it were the people who made our Erasmus so special.
But this article is not going to be an emotional recap πŸ™‚
I made a video of our 5 days in Barcelona because I really wanted to share my favourite places in Barcelona.

To make it even more easy for you guys, here is a list of all the places we visited πŸ™‚


Hostel: Casa Gracia
Burger restaurant at the beach: Maka Maka
Place with the crazy view: Bunkers el carmen
Vegetarian restaurant: the green spot
Pizza place: La pizza del born
Movie theater: Verdi cine
Designer market: Palo Alto
Italian: La Macchina
Great Gatsby place: El Nacional
Tapas: Bormuth
Mojito bar: Limehouse

Lots of Love

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