Barcelona Faves

Hello everyone!! If you follow me on social media you have probably seen that I went to Barcelona last week. Some of you may know that I had my Erasmus there for a year, two years ago. So this little holiday felt like coming home to my favourite city, especially because I went with Eline. … More Barcelona Faves

Pink Piña

Hello Everyone Summer is coming and so are my colourful clothes 🙂 I found this dress the other day in the Kling shop in Barcelona. I love their clothes they always have these funny details. I’m recently doing some videos on my YouTube channel. You can expect a new video every Sunday. It can be … More Pink Piña

BCN Diary 9

Hello everyone!! Weeks pass by so fast and there are so many nice and fun things to do here. I literally don’t realize that it’s the end of the week again. So that’s why Diary 10 is on a random Friday 🙂 Last weekend I did a bit of everything. Thursday we went out. Friday … More BCN Diary 9

Van Van Market

Hello everyone!! Yesterday I went to a really nice foodmarket, Van Van market. It was difficult to choose what I wanted. I had a very typical german meal, currywurst and a really nice chocolate milk it was somewhere between a chocolate milk and a pudding. Do I need to say more 🙂 Hope you have … More Van Van Market

Sunday Diary 8

Hello everyone!! I started writing this article Friday morning and back then I had no problems saying that this week was very exciting. Now two days later my mindset has totally changed. The only thing I can think of is why? I was following the Spanish French and Belgian news to try to understand what … More Sunday Diary 8

Sunday Diary 7

Hello everyone!! I haven’t been blogging as much as I wanted lately because school is getting really busy. It’s not that it is really hard here but studying in another language just takes a bit more time. To make up with you guys I did something extra this week. I made a little video of … More Sunday Diary 7

BCN Diary 6

Hello Everyone!! Autumn has arrived in Barcelona. I’m sitting here in front of my laptop in a cosy sweater and a warm cup of tea. I’m so ready for autumn. Long walks that end with hot chocolates and cupcakes. That actually sounds like a perfect plan for today. School is getting more busy. So my … More BCN Diary 6